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New River Gorge 522
West Virginia Photo Pilot

David H. Hersman, CFI

Photographing Beautiful South-Eastern West Virginia since 1980

NEW PAGE: January 18, 2023, Additional pictures: January 20, 2023

West Virginia Photo Pilot

Photographing the beautiful Greenbrier Valley for over 40 Years!

This is a page under contruction sharing some aerial photographs I have taken over the years.

Experienced professional aerial photography, utilizing in-cockpit cameras, external airplane cameras, and drones, we can get the photos you need. Whether your favorite place is a little cabin, the mansion of your dreams, your magnificent farm, or other gorgeous Appalachian scenery, it is beautiful from the air! Real estate for sale? Planning new building or landscaping? Call me for the aerial views you need.

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Beautiful Farm Home
Beautiful Farm Home

EXO png

Old Home Place

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January '23
Nebraska Ranch Home

DJI png

May '22

A Look at the Past

THE NEXT GROUP OF PHOTOS were taken from airplanes in the Greenbrier County area of West Virginia. The old photos had changed color somewhat, but I tried to restore part of their former beauty. Those of you from our home area will enjoy recalling things as they were more than 40 years ago. I'll add some more later.

All our aerial photographs were taken from inside the cockpit back then, sometimes with a window open to avoid reflections. Now we also use external GoPro cameras on the outside, as well as drones. This new technology makes it safer and more feasible to get great low-level aerial photographs.

Aerial Photos and Videos of Your Farm, business, home, church . . .

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SPECIAL NOTICE: I have produced an html page of our recent Missionary Newsletters which is uploaded to our server, and should be visible. The new format is more readible, and includes several recent photos. At the top of the page, there is a link to go to the previous newsletter. I believe these will be a blessing and inspiration to you.

Welcome to the Sky!

DHH Pence Springs 2011

Welcome to the wonderful world of flying! My name is David Hersman. I learned to fly right here in the Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia, soloed in 1977 at Greenbrier Valley Airport. Since 1984, I have given over 5900 hours of instruction. I have had the privilege of training young people who soloed on their 16th birthday, as well as older folks who just wanted to fulfill a life-long dream. I hope I will soon be sharing the sky with you! This web site is designed to help provide you with a lot of free information about flying, inform you about how FUN it is, and inspire you to get started. You'll love flying!

David and Crystal Hersman

We have been married over 50 years. Although we were first doing inter-city work in Cincinnati, since 1971, we have been involved in educational mission work in West Virginia, and have spent about 8 of those years in Papua New Guinea as missionaries. We still spend time there doing Educational Leadership Training, and helping to encourage and strenghten the churches. David and Crystal Hersman 51st AnniversaryThis work usually takes place when it is winter here in the United States, and the weather is not very suitable for flying. The prayers and support of God's people make this ministry possible and fruitful.

Because of the travel restrictions associated with the Coronavirus threat, we do not plan to go to Papua New Guinea this winter (2022-23).

The picture here was taken on our 51st Anniversary, October 4, 2020. We were visiting our son in Canton, Ohio.

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David Hersman, CFI, 1941 Taylorcraft at Pence Spring, WV

Here I am at Hinton-Alderson Airport, Pence Springs, West Virginia, several years ago, with a 1941 Taylorcraft in which I was giving the owner instruction at that time. Some of these older airplanes, as well as many new ones, are in the "light sport category," and under some circustances can be flown with less training, and without FAA medical certification.

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They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31).

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